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There are many online Music and Radio sites like Myspace, Grooveshark, etc, and even video sites like YouTube offering plenty of good music videos. You may want to capture music from these sites for free, and then transfer to your favorite digital devices like MP3, iPod or make fashionable ringtones for your cell phone. Now all this can be done easily by Streaming music capture software. In brief, this Music capture software is versatile that can capture online music with its built-in sound recorder, edit music with audio editor, create a unique music CD as well as make the right length ringtone for your cell phone.

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How to capture music with streaming music capture software

Download and install music capture software (Named as Streaming Music Recorder)

install streaming Music Capture

Music Recorder is a powerful sound recording program. With it, you can capture any online music and audio from the internet as well as capture any sound coming through your computer's sound card or microphone. You can directly save your recorded music to Mp3, AAC, WMA, WAV, and OGG.

Specific steps to capture online music:

1. Launch program and make a few settings

Note: If you launch the program for the first time, a quick settings guides will be available for you, just choose the right speaker and devices you want to use for capturing music, instructions of this program is very clear.

2. You can click "Settings" to preset something such as determine output folder of your music, the format you want to capture or other necessary settings, just explore it yourself.

Capture music settings

3. Now everything has been all right, open the music site you want to capture, for example, play the music you want to capture and open "Record" in the program, the music will be automatically captured to your computer once hit "On".

Other highlighted functions

Audio editor function

You can edit the music you captured by right clicking on the music, the built in audio editor can trim your music to the right length you want and merge multiple sound files into one pieces. Besides, this smart toolkit can edit music with other basic commands such as cut, copy, paste, delete, overwrite, mix and apply various sound effects.

CD burner tool

The software program also burns music data to compacts disks and create your own music CD for playing on home or Car CD players.

Silence detection

There are always some pauses during a radio broadcast program. If you set silence threshold, music recorder will skip silence passages and keep recording as you capture radio music.

Capture Streaming Music

 The principle of capture music

We use sound recorder to capture music, but most music is not free, you need to respect copyright of music, the music captured from online sites is only for personal use, you are not allowed to disseminate these music you captured arbitrarily.


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I am just keeping loving stylish ringtones, really thanks for this program, I do use it to make ringtones for my mobiles. ----Nate

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